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Code of Conduct for Students

● Upon entering the campus, students are required to wear their identity cards.
● A student will not be allowed to access the college's grounds if they are not wearing their identity card.
Students must consistently and on time attend tutorials, examinations, and class quizzes.
● Students are required to attend tutorials, exams, class tests, and exams on time and consistently.
● Absences from examinations, tests, or lectures that are prolonged or unjustified will be viewed as a breach of the code of conduct.
● All pupils must be seated in their classrooms before the commencement of a session.
● Students are not permitted to enter or leave the classroom without the relevant teacher's permission. It is against the law to mimic someone during roll call.
● Using a cell phone in class, the library, or while taking an exam is strictly prohibited.
● It is required of students to be considerate to all college personnel, both teaching and non- teaching, as well as their fellow students.
● Students are not permitted to use their conduct or activities to damage the institution's image. Students are required to dress correctly and courteously when they arrive at campus.
● Students are not allowed to stand or linger in the College's halls or verandas during class hours. When assembled, every class should be responsible for the actions of its members.
● Students are not allowed to bring friends from outside the college or other institutions.
● Posters are not permitted to be nailed or pasted on campus walls. Punishment for writing or scribbling on the walls will occur.
● Students are expected to treat college computers and library resources with care and to avoid tampering with them.
● It is forbidden for students to disturb the tranquility within or around the college premises.
● Even in small groups, students are not permitted to play games on College premises during class hours.
● Any kind of ragging is completely forbidden.
● It is illegal to damage or deface any property owned by a college. If damaged college property is discovered in a classroom during class, the entire class may be required to pay a fine if the offending students are not identified.
● Repeatedly breaking college rules and regulations or engaging in habitual misbehavior will be regarded as a serious offense, and the student will be suspended or expelled right away.